Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Miguel Endara

Miguel Endara is a artist specialising in online and paper artistry. Openly admitting his difficulties with the terminology used to describe his career, Miguel leans toward the use of 'web developer', for social ease.

The work he explores on paper primarily employes the stippling technique, whereby a representation of the subject is built up by the use of dots. Miguel's July 2010 production of Lily with a Pearl Earring displayed his talent for pointillism.

However, it is his most recent work, Hero, that has captured the attention of art-lovers and bloggers around the globe. Using a photocopied image of his father's face, Miguel use a total of 32,000,000 ink dots to complete the piece.

It is the 'making-of' video, however, that captured my attention. Accompanied by Bonobo's Noctuary, the film effectively displays the awe-inspiring nature of this gargantuan task.
(I have not included an image of the final work in this post, as I feel the finalised piece is more electrifying after viewing the short film.)

(Also, check out Miguel's beautifully designed website!)

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