I’m Sarah, & I am not what I was meant to me.  I was born and raised in the shadows, between heartbeats, and deep amongst birdsong; I live in the blossoms, and within hatred.  I suffer like a broken flower, a stolen kiss.

I am an ice queen, wanton goddess, and lone wolf — a writer & creator, in love with the moon & the stars & the infinite tide of possibility, endlessly trailing the forests of hope, gaze, and awe; for every shadow, no matter how deep, is threatened by morning light.  I'm a muddle of contradictions: an aggressive 'buddhist'; a serene writer; a dissonant singer; a lucid dreamer.

I live with my furchildren — Lionhead rabbits, Yomper & Alfie, and Goldendoodle puppy Oscar — & a mind that often fails me.

I have a penchant for feminism, skinny fries, epic poetry, & extra juicy OJ.

I adore the beckoningly crystalline sea water, but would never touch it.  Fogs of occasional nebulous nostalgia occasionally overcome me; time passes without thought.