Friday, 27 April 2012

Starry Eyed

1. sky print coat @ Romwe     2. zodiac nails @ Topshop
3. anomalous dress @ Romwe     4. galaxy blue leggings @ Black Milk
5. rainbow galaxy wedges by Jeffrey Campbell @ Black Milk

I really love all things cosmos-y, & I find it so stunning that such a beautiful natural occurance exists in so many colours! These items can be worn simply, & still make a massive statement — I love it when pieces do the work for you. The rainbow galaxy wedges, designed by Jeffrey Campbell for Black Milk, uses an actual image of an real-life galaxy — the Orion Nebula — courtesy of NASA & JPL-Caltech. How cool is that?

On the subject of space, the universe, and all things big, I've been a little up in the clouds recently, in more ways than one. I know I've seemed a little distant from this blog, but I've been practising some design work (as can be seen here), rejigging the layout, & generally getting my head, plans, & thoughts in order. Additionally, I've placed a couple of ads with other blogs (if you'd like to feature me on yours, please let me know).

What do you think of these cosmos-inspired finds?
Would you buy or wear any, or would they inspire you to create your own?
And, what inspires you to write & create? Do you look to the Heavens, or elsewhere?

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