Monday, 7 May 2012


Shop Dixi is one of my very favourite online stores; I've been a loyal customer of their's since they went by Baby Says Boutique.

In recent years they've only grown in quality and popularity. They now have over 1,800 subscribers on their blog, almost 1,500 followers on Twitter, and over 10,000 fans on Facebook!

It may sound strange, but after seeing Shop Dixi develop from its earliest stages, I feel almost proud, and as an independent business, run by some very enthusiastic girls, I'm overjoyed to support them.

Their recent shop update — Sunrise — was released last Sunday, and featured over 200 amazing quality items at extremely reasonable prices. I've bought a few cheeky items myself, including three from the selection below.

In celebration of their amazing new collection, here are my selected favourites that are up on their shop right now.

1. cross necklace  2. black bow back bralet  3. triple row ear cuff
4. galaxy cosmic nebula dress  5. aztec arrow bracelet
6. silver cutout knuckle ring   7. cross leggings

*this post is not sponsored


Jade said...

I've had my eye on them for a while... might need to purchase that Aztez arrow ring! x

Kim said...

Just found your blog through Lyzi's! I've been an avid fan of dixi since the baby says boutique days too :) haha wow so long ago! I haven't found anyone else that's known them before they were called dixi :) we're true fans! xx

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