Saturday, 22 December 2012


When my legs begin to twitch and my chest begins to heat, I will be reminded of the way your body twines around mine and the way the fibres of our skin braid us into one breathing pulse. I will be reminded of all the reasons that love can survive breathless underwater and how if your phantom kisses are sealing my lungs, I can too. I will silence these voices that attempt to thieve the calm pooling in my very cells, and gag these fears that attempt to paralyse my patience. They may say many things, but they do not know the power and stamina and hope that floods my veins. They do not know the durability that keeps me anchored in transit, waiting for the rise of every morning. They do not know. So they may whisper and lie and tempt, but they will simply find me each dawn, humming the earth closer to the centre of gravity.

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